Get Ready To Ride On The Right Bike

Planning to buy a bike, well it could be a dizzying affair if you have not used a bike since you were a kid. However, today’s bikes are very much lighter, faster and more versatile to a wide range of riding styles. You can find many types of bikes ranging from road bikes, mountain bikes, women’s bikes and path and pavement bikes. Feel free to click here to learn about road bicycles. When you are planning to buy a bike for your child, always go for one size larger so that the kid could grow into the frame. According to, there are many types of bikes to choose from.

Just like a car dealer features sports cars and comfy sedans, a bike shop features everything from cruisers to racing machines. You can choose the best one depending on your requirement and your budget. Always make sure to test drive your bike and wear a helmet when you are riding. Consider buying a pump, helmet, water bottles and gloves while buying your bike. Given below are some bike categories.

Road Bike
Generally, these road bikes are made with skinnier tires and downturned handlebars. Most of these bikes have up to 30 gear combinations that are easily accessible by shifters on the handlebars. Road bikes are used for touring, fitness or outright racing. Touring bikes are durable and comfortable while fitness bikes have a flat handlebar and the racing bikes are stiff and ultra-light. If you yearn to feel the wind on your face, then the road bike should be your choice.

Mountain Bike
These bikes are made with special features such as thicker frames and wheels. Mountain bikes incorporate front and rear suspensions to cushion the bumpy terrain ride. They are heavier than the road bikes and also have a broader range of gears to have control while climbing steep hills and descending slopes. Mountain bikes have knobby tires for good off-road handling.

Path And Pavement Bike
Bikes in this category offer both on-and-off road experiences. Path and pavement bikes offer more options for fenders and racks to carry your belongings and attaching lights. These bikes are a great option for short commute and second to none other than mountain bikes due to its value and versatility.

Women’s Bike
Today’s women bikes are no longer designed by sloped top tube or floral patterns. They are made to satisfy the demands of today’s women cyclists. These bikes are made just as aggressive, light and technical as their male counterparts. Women’s bikes are specially designed slightly smaller to accommodate a wide range of body styles by taking into consideration the small frame, width of female shoulders and smaller hands.

Once identifying the type of bike ask the salesperson about the frame of the bike you have selected. Many frames are now designed to suit both genders. The next task is to determine your budget, a brand name, frame material and wheelset which are the main factors that decide the cost. The price is sure to increase if you add extra features to increase ride quality and decrease the weight.